Welcome To Pirate Radio and welcome to the world of internet radio.  Also called streaming radio, it is simply an audio service that is accessed via the internet.

We accomplish our goals with streaming media.  In other words, we provide an audio stream that is continuous that normally cannot be replayed or paused, similar to what we grew up with; traditional broadcast media.

Internet radio is truly amazing as you can hear pretty much any music genre, 24 hours news, talk, sports, you name it, you can get it!  Originally, these internet stations were substations of a traditional broadcast radio station. However, as technology has increased and costs have decreased, there has been an explosion of internet only stations that are independent of any other entity.

So how do you listen?

Well, normally you would listen to internet radio through a PC or similar device although again technology is bring many advances in listening devices.

Internet radio is here to stay!  Enjoy!

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